AIICO Multishield

AiicoMultishield HMO administer over 135, 000 enrollees and so needed a comprehensive, scalable solution that would enable them easily manage these enrollees, track suppliers/hospitals invoices and payment, manage drug tariffs per supplier and track receivables. The solution was also required to streamline their back office processes. Our consultants rolled up their sleeves, got to work, and 3 months later, we had one happy customer

Solution: Odoo

VGC Water Services

VGC Water Services is a company that provides piped household water to several estates. They also have bottled water and sachet water divisions which cater both to walk-in and offsite customers. We provided them with a solution that was affordable yet comprehensive. One they could use to manage their production, inventory, vending & billing as well as their financials, while ensuring revenue and cost distinctions between each business line. We replaced their 4 legacy systems with a single integrated solution, thus helping them reduce costs, and increase efficiency and productivity across the organization.

Solution: Odoo, Cloud