Welcome to Model Carbon where our mission is to provide innovative technology solutions that actually solve your business problems. We provide solutions that are tailored to you and your requirements. We are not one of those one-size-fits-all crowd. Rather, we believe our solutions should be as unique as our clients.

At Model Carbon, our commitment is to keep our word to you; we do what we say we will. We also believe in giving a lot of thought to the solutions we provide – which is why our solutions work, and extremely well too. We believe a solution can be found for every challenge and this has driven us to replace the word impossibility with done. That is the attitude that propels us!


Model Carbon is a technology and technology infrastructure firm that provides solutions to some of the toughest business challenges that companies face today. We have provided technology solutions to companies in diverse industries : Oil & Gas, Public Utilities, Insurance, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Retail, Services etc. Wherever we go, our clients know that they can count on us for the long term.

Led by experienced professionals, we go above and beyond, to make sure that our clients get a solution that is tailor made for them and that actually works. Our thoughtful approach has enabled us to consistently provide high quality solutions that satisfies our clients.

Our services include the design and implementation of robust and scalable ERP solutions, cloud computing and infrastructure, and cyber security services.

What We Do

Odoo ERP

Odoo is the leading open source based ERP solution. A seamlessly integrated business management solution designed to scale up from small and midsize enterprises to large corporations. Odoo can help you manage your accounting, sales, procurements, human resources, payroll, manufacturing and much more. Visit our dedicated Odoo website to see more of what Odoo can do for you

Cloud Computing

Our cloud computing services enable our clients put all or parts of their their businesses in the cloud. We provide advisory and implementation services across several platforms (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Custom etc), while ensuring that the final solution provided is secure, robust and able to scale easily.

Cyber Security

In an interconnected world, businesses need to ensure that their information and assets are protected and secure. Our experts work to safeguard your infrastructure and protect it from unauthorized access and disruption


AIICO Multishield

AiicoMultishield HMO administer over 135, 000 enrollees and so needed a comprehensive, scalable solution that would enable them easily manage these enrollees, track suppliers/hospitals invoices and payment, manage drug tariffs per supplier and track receivables. The solution was also required to streamline their back office processes. Our consultants rolled up their sleeves, got to work, and 3 months later, we had one happy customer

Solution: Odoo

VGC Water Services

VGC Water Services is a company that provides piped household water to several estates. They also have bottled water and sachet water divisions which cater both to walk-in and offsite customers. We provided them with a solution that was affordable yet comprehensive. One they could use to manage their production, inventory, vending & billing as well as their financials, while ensuring revenue and cost distinctions between each business line. We replaced their 4 legacy systems with a single integrated solution, thus helping them reduce costs, and increase efficiency and productivity across the organization.

Solution: Odoo, Cloud